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UPLP Group Ltd.


Social Media Marketing


Social Media Management,
Photo & Video Production,
PPC & Paid Advertising,
Graphic Design

UPLP Group Ltd., a prestigious luxury pools & landscaping company based in Ontario, faced challenges in effectively engaging with their audience and converting social media followers into leads. Recognizing the potential for growth.

Zero to 100 Marketing stepped in with a comprehensive social media marketing solution. We conducted a thorough analysis of their existing strategies, identifying areas for improvement. With a fresh approach, we developed new social media strategies aligned with their brand’s identity and target audience. We also revamped their branding and designs, creating a cohesive and visually appealing presence. 

The results were remarkable, with an exponential increase in brand reach, improved engagement, and a significant boost in lead generation. The strategic marketing activities implemented by Zero to 100 Marketing brought about a transformative impact, positioning UPLP Group Ltd. as a leader in the luxury pools and landscaping industry.

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